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Beef Rissoles with Zucchini

My neighbour gifted me with a giant zucchini (seedless) and after making a chocolate zucchini loaf, I still had about 75 % of the zucchini left so I did some googling and found this recipe for beef rissoles with grated zucchini in the meat mixture. Here are some pretty pictures taken during the process of assembling the rissoles.

Pictorial recipe




Convenience Food: Instant Noodles (Yakisoba)

Sometimes convenience foods are … convenient. This handy little package of dried noodles in my pantry has been the start of many fast meals. You may use the brand you prefer.

Package and contents  РFor a healthier meal, only use half the seasoning packet and a splash of soy sauce to adjust the salt level.

About one cup of a bagged coleslaw mix (red and green cabbage and shredded coleslaw) sauteed and stirred into the cooked noodles.

Serving ideas – I’ve also used sliced roasted lamb and ham stirred into the noodle mixture for a one dish meal

Ssamjang chicken leg

Sauteed shrimp

Beef rissoles with shredded zucchini in the meat mixture