About Me

Updated: 09/23/2020

I’m a substitute teacher (Biology and Chemistry are my specialties) in the Canadian public high school system, who loves to read, watch movies, craft (very rarely these days) and cook.

Playing in the kitchen, even if it’s just for me, is a lot of fun.

I have had a LJ account since 2006 and I’ve used it to post recipes and pictures of the food I’ve made or enjoyed in the past.  It’s basically a glorified food diary, with the occasional posts about my life and the weather, so nothing TOO deep. You can use the tags link on my profile page to find recipes or other topics that catch your interest.

I am cross posting here as LiveJournal has fewer and fewer active members these days and it’s easier for people whose blogs I follow and comment on to comment back.


7 thoughts on “About Me

      1. I understand – I am trying to re-anonymise my blog since starting my new job, but google still picks up my comments before I changed my name on here to ‘KJ’

      2. My A_B username has been in use since the 80s. More recently, I’ve started using another anonymous username but there are people who know my real name and use it so if someone REALLY wants to know, they can find me. 🙂

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