Monthly Archives: October 2020

Hawaiian Loco Moco Redux

Too lazy to make a real cooking post but I thought I’d share today’s lunch, a Hawaiian loco moco.

This version features a bowl of left over basmati rice (long grain, jasmine or sushi rice works too, as does couscous, quinoa or cauliflower rice), topped with a hamburger patty and canned Swiss Chalet beef gravy.

Add a fried sunny side up egg (white is set but the yolk is still runny). A little green onion for garnish.

Dig in.

Fast, easy and delicious.

PS: In Hawaii, a dinner plate also adds macaroni salad and coleslaw.

Memories ….

A couple of years ago, I had my nephew scan in some old pictures from Yugoslavia.

This is me at age … no idea to be honest.

The picture was taken in a photography studio. The stuffed toy wasn’t  mine. Which made me sad when I heard.

I was a solemn little girl.