Beef Rissoles with Zucchini

My neighbour gifted me with a giant zucchini (seedless) and after making a chocolate zucchini loaf, I still had about 75 % of the zucchini left so I did some googling and found this recipe for beef rissoles with grated zucchini in the meat mixture. Here are some pretty pictures taken during the process of assembling the rissoles.

Pictorial recipe




5 thoughts on “Beef Rissoles with Zucchini

      1. I’m not sure if pistoles are peculiar to Australia in terms of the name, but rissoles were a common dish in my day.

    1. We have chats sometimes about food … he’s Italian via Quebec so has an interesting history. Hiding veggies in mini burgers was, I thought, a great idea.

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