Happy Thanksgiving (2021)

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone.

I went easy on the Thanksgiving spread this year. (Okay, I was lazy and couldn’t be bothered doing much except the bare necessities.)

Although, I DID make some giblet gravy to serve over the mashed potatoes. The coleslaw was from a bagged mix and dessert ended up being an apple instead of the apple pie and vanilla ice cream I had planned on.

Filling and delicious with lots of leftovers ahead.


6 thoughts on “Happy Thanksgiving (2021)

      1. Unfortunately we don’t Because Australia Day is contentious for our Indigenous Australians, they call it invasion day, I’d like to see the third Friday every February designated as a reconciliation day or thanksgiving so we can work on our relationships amongst all Australians and celebrate with food.

      2. I think of it as an end of harvest/thankfulness for being with family occasion. Canada hasn’t done well by its indigenous population so we can’t point fingers at the US.

  1. Happy Thanksgiving to you too! I made a Turkey breast rolled with Serrano ham, very tasty. Trying to figure out what to do with leftovers, this looks easy and delicious.

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