April Clear-out

I haven’t done much cooking in April, certainly nothing post-worthy, but I thought I’d share some of the tasty things I made.

Barbecue meal of giant hamburgers and sausages, with mac and cheese and corn side dishes, and a Mexican beer to wash it down.

Burgers (ground beef and pork) and sirloin tip steak, chicken breast basted with Jamaican barbecue sauce and Grill ’em sausages

Baked chicken drumsticks with the jerk bbq sauce, mac and cheese, onion rings and raw broccoli with ranch dressing

Oven baked pork chop and baked potato

Hot Italian sausage and broccoli over pasta

Thin crust pepperoni and mozzarella pizza

I picked up some frozen chicken cutlets and used them in several dishes including a Chicken Alfredo salad and a Mexican chicken and rice wrap with Taco Bell hot sauce.

Breakfast burrito with a pepperoni omelette, home fried potatoes, Mexican rice and avocado

Sushi – fake crab legs and avocado or cream cheese filling. I also made an attempt at a Caterpillar/Dragon roll with a garnish of spicy Mayo with flying fish caviar.

Orange curd and …

an orange loaf cake

Cheddar cheese straws and bars


17 thoughts on “April Clear-out

    1. Thank you. They’re mostly things I’ve posted in the past, especially the pizza which is a regular dish, or which I’m not pleased enough about to share a recipe.

  1. So many dishes… I will sound very boring, but if I had to choose one it would be the pizza… It looks fantastic. (I’m very fond of pizza but have it only as a special rare treat… so maybe three times a year…).

    1. Thank you. I guess pizza isn’t quite as possible as on this side of the ocean. It makes for a very handy lunch meal though I only make one pie these days where in the past I used to make 2 and eat about half of one before freezing the rest.

    1. I started cooking late in life and only have to cook for myself so I wouldn’t call myself anything but a decent home cook. But thank you for your generous comments.

      Your own dishes and plating are a visual treat. Well done.

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