Sad Anniversary and Happy Memories

Last weekend was the sixth anniversary of my dad’s passing. As we’re planning on bulldozing the old bungalow in the county, especially after six years of unfettered mouse invasion, I made a last pass through to see if there was anything left salvageable.

I found a 4 piece set of cranberry coloured dishes that my SIL had bought them years ago and that they had barely used, a couple of baking dishes and a large Japanese made chef’s knife. The ceramic snowman is a salt and pepper shaker set … and there’s home made rakija (home made fruit brandy) in the brown glass decanter.

I put aside some other dishes and glassware that can be donated. And bagged a lot of clothes only suitable for burning

I also found a gray sweater that my mom had knitted for my dad and a multi-coloured woven scarf which I’ll wear in the winter.

In the past week, I’ve eaten off the dishes, and made an apple pie in the blue glass Pyrex baking dish and baked macaroni and cheese in the white ceramic dish.

And this weekend, I made one of my dad’s favourite soups, ham and white bean. Although he liked this soup more like a stew in texture, I went for a thinner version which could be used to soak up some good home made bread. And that sharp chef’s knife did a great job on the veggies. I also made a red version of this soup for a change of pace.


6 thoughts on “Sad Anniversary and Happy Memories

  1. I am always surprised at how quickly time flies from a loved one’s passing. My Mom is 11 years this year and in some ways, it feels like yesterday and in other ways, a lifetime ago. My dear Dad is 35 years, more than 2/3 or my life has been without him.
    It so nice you have been able to rescue the dishes and use them, I’m sure it brought back some wonderful memories.

    1. Thank you for sharing your own losses. I’ve been very lucky to have had them for so much of my own life. The realization that they’re gone is a dull ache now rather than a sharp pain.

  2. I lost my Mom 16 years ago and still have the big wave of grief every now and then, but most of the time it’s just bittersweet memories. My heart goes out to you in still having to deal with this…

  3. What a beautiful post and such a lovely way to remember the happiness that your parents brought. I am glad that you were able to give a new life to those pretty dishes. Sending happy thoughts to you!

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