Spaghetti Napolitan

This is a Japanese pasta dish called spaghetti Napolitan. Ketchup is used to flavour the pasta instead of a marinara/tomato sauce. Lighting was poor so the shot I took of the pasta dressed with some green onion for colour was out of focus so you’ll have to use your imagination.


I used fresh hot Italian sausages and mushrooms but the rest of the dish was based on this recipe.

7 thoughts on “Spaghetti Napolitan

    1. Thank you. Another post I’d forgotten all about until today when it dropped. I started it about a month ago and then just never finished it.

      It’s one of 3 Japanese-Western dishes I had planned on making … along with the chicken doria that I posted and a macaroni gratin that I haven’t made yet … dishes served in old fashioned Japanese diners (kissaten).

    1. There’s a touch of sweetness and the complexity of the different ingredients in ketchup itself gives a nice taste. I’m doing more one and 2 serving recipes these days as I don’t have to cook at the end of a working day. The joys of retirement. 😉

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