Chinese Sausage Fried Rice


Quick supper of Chinese sausage fried rice – two cooked and thinly sliced Chinese sausage, diced red and orange peppers, peas, white part of a green onion, two Thai red chilis with seeds left in, scrambled egg, 2 cups of cold leftover sushi rice seasoned with soy sauce, oyster sauce and toasted sesame oil and garnished with thinly sliced green onion tops.

For a recipe/technique, check out Uncle Nigel on Youtube. He’s a hoot.


7 thoughts on “Chinese Sausage Fried Rice

    1. Thank you. I don’t remember what I was trying to do with this post (on LJ) but it dropped today so I thought I’d just cut and paste here as well so there’s something new. You’ve seen this already on FB, of course. 🙂

      1. LOL

        I’m afraid that I’m pretty much blogged out.

        Since I started my LJ in 2014, I’ve made a lot of things that I was excited to try, and shared them and the newer stuff … I’m ho-hum about. I just don’t feel the need/desire to post any more.

        Oh well, we’ll see.

  1. I see the subheading is test post, did the method I mention work out for you?
    Fried rice with sausage sounds like an easy and delicious meal. I do hope you keep blogging.

    1. Thank you for the help. I DID try your suggestions in my last 2 posts. They seem to be similar to what I’ve already been doing (re: classic block) though the categories/tags are easier to get to. On the whole, my blogging issues are still there in terms of lack of enthusiasm. The difficulties with the new wordpress are just part of the bigger picture.

      I don’t really see myself returning to the kind of schedule that I had in the past nor going that extra mile to adapt and rewrite recipes for posting. There are just too many resources for finding recipes out there and I’m doing simpler cooking on the whole. My own blog seems less and less important. To me most of all.

      Thank you for your encouragement.

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