Salisbury Steak a la Graham

When you make a recipe within a day of it being posted on a blog and love it enough to share the link, it must be a pretty good recipe.

And it IS.

I didn’t use any Kitchen Bouquet cause I didn’t have any but it’s just a matter of aesthetics anyway. Everything else is (mostly) the same. You might want to make three patties not two, unless you’re a very hearty eater.


REVIEW: Make it as soon as you can. You probably already have all the ingredients on hand. A few fresh mushrooms are a nice touch. I had some white button mushrooms so I diced a couple and added them to the Salisbury steak meat mixture. And a couple more to the mushroom-onion gravy. By the way, you’ll have a LOT of gravy. Enjoy it.



7 thoughts on “Salisbury Steak a la Graham

    1. If you mean the picture of my dinner … the steak is garnished with green onions. The mashed potatoes only has the gravy on top.

      PS: I was going to comment on failing eyesight and getting one’s 👓 prescription strengthened but I’m better than that. And I’m probably 20 yrs older than you so I have no room to talk about failing eyesight.

      1. HAHA! I didn’t realize one of them was spuds. I guess the scallion scatterings were so you could tell which was which under the gravy, huh? Macular degeneration or no macular degeneration, that was a smart move 🙂

  1. When my Dad arrived to Canada in 1956, one of the first meals he ordered in a restaurant (after saving up for it) was a Salisbury Steak, he was so disappointed because he was expecting steak! I’m pretty sure the flavours in this dish would have more than made up for it, the sauce looks wonderful.
    Hope you are well during this crazy time.

    1. Poor man’s ‘steak’. 🙂

      I’m doing well, thank you. Cooking something new every day. I hope things are going well in your house/city.

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