Sourdough French Baguettes, Naan and Popovers

I know … you’re probably thinking I should rename this LJ/blog “The Sourdough Fanatic” with all the sourdough baking I’ve been doing. It’s addictive even though, as I’ve said before, I don’t actually like sourdough bread that much. At least not the ‘artisanal’ high hydration doughs with the big holes. However, feeding that jar of starter on the top of my fridge and watching it double in a couple of hours, and then triple, before finally collapsing as the gas produced stretches the gluten strands past their limit is something that must be experienced.

And I really liked the sourdough tortillas I made so, when I ran out, I had to make more on which to serve the chicken fajitas from a recent purchase of boneless, skinless breasts.

And, let’s be honest. Baking bread is cheap.

Even if it’s not the greatest bread in the world, you can turn it into croutons or bread crumbs, or dressing as I did with some of the jalapeno-old cheddar cheese sourdough I baked recently. Not that it wasn’t good, I just needed some bread to go into the giblet and rice dressing I made to serve with my roast turkey.

Did I post a picture?


Well, just one of the outside of the loaf.

I tried making French baguettes out of Carole L’s no knead sourdough using the shaping technique I used in my previous attempt at sourdough French baguettes. They tasted great and the crunchy, chewy crust and toothsome interior can’t be beat fresh out of the oven. But they don’t hold up. By the second day, the crust has softened and the interior is dense. You can warm it up in the oven and it’s edible, but no where close to its previous state. Still, it was an interesting experiment. And I had fun practicing my slashing technique.

I also used some of my sourdough starter to make Indian naan or flatbread. The first batch was plain but I fancied up the second batch by adding dried fenugreek leaves (methi) and powdered garlic. A bit of melted butter on the warm naan and it’s a wonderful snack or vehicle with which to pick up and eat a saucy curry dish.

And, before I dried the last of the sourdough starter I had revived this time, I used the King Arthur recipe for a quick batch of eggy sourdough popovers. Whether you serve them with a roast beef dinner or enjoy them with honey and a cup of coffee for breakfast, it’s a great way to use up some of that sourdough starter.

Well, that should satisfy my craving to nurture sourdough for a while


11 thoughts on “Sourdough French Baguettes, Naan and Popovers

  1. I’m excited to see all your different breads that you’ve made using sourdough starter. I make a bread and then the starter sits in the fridge for too long and I have to start over. You are my inspiration today.

    1. There are many non-bread uses for starter. Including crackers, and cakes and muffins. I was surprised. 🙂

      PS: You can dry your starter and grind it up before storing away in your cupboard or freezer. It took me 4 days to rehydrate and have enough starter ready to bake with .. which wasn’t too onerous as I didn’t have to start from scratch with making a new starter.

  2. Your sourdough looks amazing! I just love the flavour and texture of sourdough. The naan looks delightful too. I’m going to try to bring my sourdough starter to life, I’m going to use some whey I froze from a cheese making session, can’t wait to see if it works!

    1. I look forward to seeing what you do with the whey. I made (acid curdled) paneer last week and have some whey left but it ‘tastes’ sour so I’m hesitant to use it to feed my starter. I gave it 1 tbsp of whey and 2 tbsp flour … it’s sitting in the fridge as I’m not baking regularly so I’m going to see what happens.

      1. The whey does not significantly change the flavour of the sourdough bread. My starter did come back and I used most of it for a giant sourdough boule yesterday. It’s pretty dense and has a slightly chewy texture, it’s not the best recipe in the world (King Arthur), so I’m not posting it. It would make a good sandwich bread.

  3. I’m so glad I found you! I’m a sourdough baking ADDICT! I’ve never used my starter in naan but I’ll have to try. Thank you for the idea 🙂

    1. LOL … pancakes/waffles, crackers, pizza dough, pie crust , there are so many things you can make with sourdough starter. And, of course, bread. 🙂

  4. My stomach is growling from all this awesome bread!!! You are having some fun with your sourdough. Wish I were close so I could enjoy it. 🙂 Your French baguettes are beautiful! In fact, all of these breads are beautiful. What an inspirational post. Thanks!

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