Weekend Cooking Plans …

… I actually have NO cooking plans for this weekend.

I slept in (it was wonderful) and woke to a gray, damp, miserable morning. The sun decided not to show up and after some more rain, I decided not to go grocery shopping after all. Tomorrow, I’ll have to go, but NOT today. I even passed up an anticipated trip to the city market cause I lost my enthusiasm for the outing.

With Easter three short weeks away, I’ve been thinking of making a batch of hot cross buns for Good Friday. Last year was my first attempt at a recipe which turned out just ok. I had higher expectations than something that was no better tasting than I’ve brought home from the local bakery. (Some things they make, just don’t impress me much like their overpriced and underwhelming fruit cakes. And who buys pound cakes at a bakery?)

I’ve asked for recommendations on FB for a good hot cross bun recipe, hoping for examples that people have made themselves and were proud of but, unfortunately, links to google recipes with no personal anecdotes is what was shared. It was disappointing.

For a foodie with a LJ/blog, seasonal/holiday inspiration is welcome especially when falling into the rut of trying to post something new on a regular basis. Depending on how I feel, I may or may not end up making the hot cross buns after all.

My sole cooking (not that I actually cooked anything) in the last few days was putting together a “shrub”. It has nothing to do with shrubbery but I’ll share the results after I go grocery shopping so I can do a proper presentation.

And so you’re not left without something pretty to look at, here’s a picture of a home made cream puff from the freezer, filled with ice cream and topped with some home made salted caramel sauce.


20 thoughts on “Weekend Cooking Plans …

      1. My custard recipe makes exactly enough to fill a dozen cream puffs but I didn’t know what I was going to want to fill them with so I decided to just go with whipping cream, ice cream, lemon curd and lemon curd combined with whipping cream. πŸ™‚

      2. Mmm… all good choices and with a dozen you can mix it up and enjoy all of them.
        This is why I regularly buy larger trousers πŸ€£πŸ˜‚

      1. I still need to try making cream puffs πŸ™‚ and filling one with ice cream is a great idea. I very much understand not being in the mood to go to the grocery store too!

      2. I bet you have all the ingredients … give it a shot. I could go downstairs now and in an hour, have a dozen cream puffs ready for filling … if, I wasn’t baking a loaf of hybrid honey whole wheat for grilled cheese sandwiches. πŸ™‚

        Debating on whether to cook the strip of St Louis side ribs I bought on sale, yesterday, too.

    1. Because they’re so easy to make at home, I usually save my dessert choices for more elaborate things like cakes or tortes with buttercream fillings or frostings, ganache coatings and coulis or sauces.

      1. I think I like them because as full as I might be after a meal, I want a little bite of something sweet and the cream puffs are light and just the perfect size. πŸ˜€

  1. I’m now doing my best to post once a week and cook whenever I feel well enough. So far so good. Enjoy the weekends when you can do nothing!

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