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Pretty Dishes and Food Inspiration

Over the years, my mom’s accumulated a lot of odds and ends of serving and baking dishes and glasses.

China Cabinet with Filet Lace shelf liner. The repeating rose pattern was done from memory by my mom. It’s one of the many hand crafts that my mom was able to do that I never learned, regrettably.

 photo CIMG1870_zps9bc4f0b2.jpg

 photo CIMG1868_zps371962d6.jpg

I’ve cleared out a lot of it since she passed because I just don’t have the room, and charities like Canadian Diabetes can always sell them off. Most recently, I posted pictures of some cranberry dishes that I brought home and then just had to use.

But there are some things …

I don’t remember if I’ve ever used these in my posts. They’re pretty, I guess, but they’re really not to my taste, so I don’t know why I keep holding on to them especially as there aren’t enough for even one complete place setting. I think some have even been thrown away.

Crown Ducal Gainsborough – Charm Pattern

And there a few of these plates as well, which don’t really go with anything else I have.

Nostalgia, I guess.

Maybe I’ll make something soon that will look perfect on them.