Irish Soda “Farls”

For St. Patrick’s Day:

Farls or ‘quarters’ are a type of quick Irish soda bread cooked in a griddle or a cast iron frying pan. Simple, four ingredient recipe found everywhere on the internet.

The only tricky part is adjusting the cooking temperature and time so that the top is not burnt while the inside remains raw.


11 thoughts on “Irish Soda “Farls”

    1. You can preheat the pan on medium and then after using that first blast of heat to firm up the outside (1 1/2 min and flip, 1 1/2 min and flip), turn down the heat to 4 (medium is 5 on my stove) and cook, flipping every few minutes until the inside is firm. My cast iron frying pan takes a while to heat up but then retains the heat for quite some time.

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