Decorating for Christmas

Sadly, I don’t have a fireplace to hang my stocking on … yes I DO have a Christmas stocking … so I taped it up on my bookcase.

It keeps falling cause the ribbon slips through the tape so I keep rehanging it.

Oh well.

I tried.


6 thoughts on “Decorating for Christmas

    1. Nice. I’ve thought of getting some sort of Christmas tree/tree adjacent decoration but every year, I don’t follow through.

      Years ago (when I was in my late teens) I took a pottery class and almost made one of those ceramic trees with the mini lights. I’ve seen similar trees on sale and been tempted.

      1. Shame about the pot plant. When we were in our teens, my mom bought us a silver metal Xmas tree one year. With blue balls. I think we only put it up for a few years. Can’t remember when we tossed it. 🙂

        We haven’t had a tree in over 30 years.

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