Picspam: Gyoza Wrappers from Scratch

I’ve been cutting back on my grocery shopping trips so when I had a craving for potstickers/gyoza, rather than going out and buying a couple of packages of the ready made wrappers, I finally buckled down and decided to make them from scratch using this recipe.

The ingredients are simple: flour and salt and boiling water. And time … to let the dough hydrate and to roll them out.

Pleating also takes some time and, of course, practice.

After all that, I’m quite pleased with the results for a first try and WILL be making them again.


6 thoughts on “Picspam: Gyoza Wrappers from Scratch

  1. Your pleating looks fantasic. I love make Gyoza, I usually do a huge batch and freeze them. Using the pasta maker to roll them out saves quite a bit of time.

    1. Thank you. I got better with the pleating as I got to the end. I was too lazy to dig out my pasta machine so I stuck with the rolling pin. 🙂

  2. Wow! I’m amazed! The wraps/skins look so perfect!!! And the gyoza shape is so cute… I made gryoza a couple of days ago, but with store-bought wraps and the final shape of the dumplings was sooo ugly in comparison with yours! It looked like small versions of Polish dumplings 😉

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