Convenience Food: Instant Ramen Noodles

I haven’t been a university student in a LONG time but I have been known to buy the occasional package (or six) of those instant ramen noodles for single serving soup or just to use the noodles inside for some other dish. Like these ramen burger buns or as a side (dragon noodles) for chicken patties.

In anticipation of a long period of minimizing grocery shopping outings, I decided to stock my pantry with a selection of the noodles for quick meals. I was amazed at the variety of noodles available… Japanese, Indonesian and South Korean.

You can always eat them simply as a soup or fried noodle, especially the Indonesian Mie Goreng brand, but with some imagination, and a selection of toppings, you can almost make something nutritious. I limit myself to one package a week. Eggs (ramen or plain soft boiled) are a common topping as are fresh green onions. Fried onions add a crunchy texture. Pretty carrot flowers add both colour and nutrition.


13 thoughts on “Convenience Food: Instant Ramen Noodles

  1. I used to love those ramen noodle packets when I was at UofT, unfortunately they are full of chemicals, so it’s good that you limit yourself to one package a week. Your lineup looks like it’s filled with variety. Making ramen is on my bucket list for sure. Hope you’ve been well.

    1. Making my own ramen has been on my to do list for a while now. It’s that first step that puts me off … First, bake a cup of baking soda. (Reminds me of that chicken recipe that starts … First, steal a chicken.)

  2. I bought a large box of the cheapo noodles at Aldi. Just for emergencies. Then I ate way too many because they were easy, right away lol! I added adobo seasoning. I have been dressing some of them up and meaning to post some and I love your ideas!!

    1. Thank you. I try not to use them too often.

      Today I’m making a stir fry with strips of pork tenderloin, red/yellow peppers, black bean sauce etc. I was going to use ramen noodles cause I’m tired of rice … but then I decided to boil up spaghettini pasta from the pantry (900 gm pkg/10 servings for 99 cents). It’s just nice to have OPTIONS.

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