Pizza … and a Teaser

For spikesgirl58:

This is the pizza I made today. It was delicious. Just my usual pizza dough, frozen, thawed in the fridge overnight and baked today. I threw everything I had on top. Hot Italian sausages, spicy pepperoni, green pepper, mozzarella and sharp cheddar cheese on a jarred portabello mushroom sauce.

And this is a Japanese orange Castella/sponge cake I made back in May. I’ve wanted to make a Castella cake for a while and this was the result. Because it’s a very simple, barely sweet, cake, it benefits from some garnishes. I had no fresh berries or mint so I put a scoop of French vanilla ice cream on top, warmed up some plum jam and diluted it with water and poured it over the top.

I really should do a proper post of this cake, one of these days.


16 thoughts on “Pizza … and a Teaser

    1. Thank you for your kind comment. All is well … just lost that urge to post as soon as a new dish was made. I’m still taking a TON of pictures. 🙂

      1. I live alone and only go out grocery shopping once every 10-14 days and I’m masked. Most of Ontario is entering stage 3 of the re-opening after July 15. My area is one of the few that does not qualify to leave stage 2 because we had an agricultural worker outbreak (untested migrant workers) recently.

        On the plus side … I had my hair cut a couple of weeks ago. The first time since the middle of February. 🙂

      2. I am glad to hear that you are in a relatively safe area. We are in the hot spot of the hot spot, i.e. the most infected county in Florida. I don’t leave the house at all. Haircuts are DIY, with kitchen scissors and my husband’s beard trimmer.
        I have been teaching online since March, but there are rumors that we might be going to live classrooms in September. If so, I am not going, and most faculty feels the same way.

      3. Sept 1 is the first day of the new school year here. Contract teachers are to be available to work for the first 3 days for PD days.

        As a supply teacher I’ve not worked since March 15 and before that we were in a reduced services/rotating strikes situation so I didn’t have a lot of work days since December 2019. If not for the gov’t’s CERB (Canada Emergency Response Benefit) a lot of us would be in really bad shape. I qualify to retire March 1, 2021. I don’t know what I’m going to do at that point.

      4. You are in a difficult situation, of course. Is there an advantage or a disadvantage to retiring?
        I’ve been retired for 5 years now but I continue teaching as an adjunct. In terms of closures, lockdowns, etc. Florida colleges and universities follow public schools. It has been announced that public schools are ready to open doors in September with all the safety precautions (social distancing, masks, and plastic barriers), but parents are up in arms saying that they are not going to let their kids attend. Teachers are saying they will not walk into classrooms. So I don’t know what will happen. Like most of my colleagues, I would rather stay in the virtual environment.

      5. Financial disadvantage to retiring mainly.

        I’m prepared to walk into the classroom if our union mandates it. I don’t have the option of virtual teaching.

      6. I understand. Thankfully, you are not in a hot spot rife with Covid, as we are., and it doesn’t look like the situation here will change by September. I am in a high risk group for several reasons, in addition to age. If there is no virtual option for me in the Fall, I’ll stay at home; it’s losing life vs. losing money.
        I am glad you are in a better position than we are, dear friend, and I wish you the best of luck!

  1. I’m glad to read that you’re back blogging. Hope you’ve been well. I’ve been working on a Neapolitan pizza dough recipe for a few years now, hoping to have it before the end of the year. Your pizza looks and sounds delicious. As does that cake, will need to google it now!

    1. Thank you. Most of what I’ve been cooking are old faves with the occasional new recipe. Many weren’t particularly photo/post worthy ie my donuts but I’ll probably do at least a ‘review’ type post on them.

      I really have to spend the money on a decent candy/frying thermometer. Just not a high priority with the current situation. I’ve been home since March 15.

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