Pumpkin Fudge and Pies/Tarts

I haven’t bought a can of pumpkin puree in six to seven years but I decided to make my first ever pumpkin pie this Thanksgiving, so I picked up a can. It was even on sale.

But before attempting the pumpkin pie, I made something that I haven’t tasted for even longer … pumpkin fudge. My first taste of that rather unique flavour came from the seasonal fudge that my brother made for my SIL’s chocolate store. It was an unexpectedly tasty candy and I hoped to be able to make something similar. My results weren’t bad but not as amazing as the one I remember. Of course, my cranberry fudge wasn’t as good as his either. Maybe one day.

Pumpkin Tart and Fudge

I made a couple of half batches (400-420 gm) of pumpkin fudge using this recipe. I over-cooked the first batch because I don’t have an accurate candy thermometer, so I had to use the soft ball test. It may have been a bit crumbly but it was tasty and I ate the whole thing in no time at all. For the second batch, I may have under-cooked it JUST a bit but some judicious stirring once I had poured the fudge into the pan and I got it to where it should be.

The half batch of pumpkin pie filling I made used Chef John’s recipe from Food Wishes, and filled a couple of mini pie crust shells (6 inch diameter) and two tart shells made in muffin tins.

And, lest you think that all I made with that pumpkin puree was desserts, I also made a batch of creamy red lentil and pumpkin soup using about a cup of the puree.


20 thoughts on “Pumpkin Fudge and Pies/Tarts

    1. There’s nothing like a nice creamy piece of fudge. I only make a pound at a time because I can eat the whole thing in less than a week. Pumpkin pie is not my first choice on a dessert spread but the recipe I tried was pretty easy to make and tasty. Not too sweet.

    1. Only a regular sized can … 796 ml (a bit over 3 cups). I used about a cup each for the 2 half batches of fudge, the pumpkin pie filling and the soup. Everything gets scaled down when you cook for one. 🙂

    1. It’s a very tasty fudge … I think I have to increase the amount of pumpkin spice mix though to make it more like the one that my brother used to make. Or, I suppose, I could ask him for his ‘recipe’ though I’d have to scale it down a LOT compared to the amounts he made for the chocolate shoppe when they had it running. 🙂

      I have a collection of pumpkin fudge recipes saved and may give one of the others a try one day.

    1. Haven’t had the incentive to post anything for the last couple of months though I’ve been doing lots of cooking of the old stand-bys with some minor variations. Pan frying whiting and making a batch of cranberry-orange shortbread doesn’t sound particularly exciting, TBH. 🙂

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