Pie Duo … Nectarine and Chess

Once you can make a pie crust/pastry, the possible fillings are endless.

I thought I’d include both a fruit and a custard type pie in this post.

Nectarines are delicious … sweet and juicy and a very good price in season. Instead of making a pastry top crust, I used a crumble. It’s something I’ve got to work on. Delicious but not as pretty as I would have liked. I didn’t bother peeling the nectarines.


I have no idea where the name of this pie comes from … there are many explanations for how Chess pie got its name. But however the name came about, the result is tasty. I used the recipe I found here. Half the recipe for the filling was enough for two mini (6 inch diameter) pies. I had some extra filling so I baked the custard in a small oiled ramekin.



8 thoughts on “Pie Duo … Nectarine and Chess

  1. :Love Chess pie. I just like custard of any kind. My kids hated it so I haven’t made one in decades! Now I’m motivated! Thanks! I squeeze my streusel together and then break it into chunks, then freeze it while I mike the rest of the pie. Actually i try to keep some in the freezer by doubling whatever recipe i’m making then I have it ready. It’s kinda dangerous, tho!!

    1. My first time making/trying chess pie. It was tasty. I’d make it again.

      Squeezing the streusel into bigger pieces is also advice I got on a FB group from someone who had posted a lovely pie. The recipe I followed said to keep everything cold and handle minimally. That’s why I ended up with something that resembled commercial dry breadcrumbs. 😦

      Will try again. Thank you.

      1. There’s a Japanese cheese tart that’s bruleed (kind of like Portugese egg tarts) that caught my eye. So many great pies/tarts out there. 🙂

      2. I have a passion for Portugese egg tarts!! So many good Japanese recipes, and so many are so clever. I’m glad you’re exploring! Then I will know what works and doesn’t, after all your hard work! Thank you!

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