Beef Picspam: Corned Beef Brisket and Braised Eye of Round Roast

Even though my proteins of choice are usually chicken and pork, every once in a while, beef is available at a good price. Here are a few dishes I’ve made featuring those purchases.

A pre-seasoned corned beef brisket bought on sale (~40% off) was featured in both dinners and sandwiches for economical and tasty meals.

Sliced corned beef on demi-baguette with Dijon mustard served with onion rings and salad

Served with mashed potatoes and braised red cabbage.

And a large piece of eye of round (often found for a good price) was portioned into three pieces, each of which was prepared in a different fashion, to maximize flavour and tenderness.

Eye of round braised in an onion soup mixture … some of the braising liquid was used to make an onion gravy served over the sliced beef and over the mashed potatoes.

Roast was coated in seasoned flour, seared and simmered in braising liquid.


14 thoughts on “Beef Picspam: Corned Beef Brisket and Braised Eye of Round Roast

  1. Great job making something so tender out of something so tough! Looks absolutely delicious. (But next time, call it “with Soubise gravy”. It’ll impress more people.) 😉

    1. If it had been made with caramelized onions, it would have ‘deserved’ to be called a soubise. Unfortunately, 4-5 yr old onion soup mix from the back of the cupboard only gets the result called “onion gravy”. 😉

      1. I know … and that’s what really counts. (I went to a Roman Catholic grade school and those nuns corrupted me. I don’t practice but some things still stay with me.)

    1. Beef is a very versatile meat … corned beef is delicious but I prefer pastrami as it’s more flavourful, I think. And, of course, depending on the cut, you can turn the raw meat into various delicious meats. I liked the braciole that I made with some thinly sliced and pounded eye of round a while ago. Of course, there’s nothing like a hearty beef stew or a beef pot pie. 🙂

  2. I love to use eye of round for a Hungarian dish called Vadas Marhahus (my mom called it wild meat). It is tenderized using a mixture of grated carrots, grated parsnips, onion and vinegar. It is unbelievably delicious!
    Your dinner line-ups look wonderful, I love a good sale on meat.

    1. I’ll have to look up that recipe for eye of round cause it sounds tasty … though parsnips aren’t something I’m familiar with in my cooking. My mom used it in her chicken soup stock. I think it was pricey??

  3. I just love corned beef! I could inhale that. I haven’t worked much with eye of round but the method with the flour is a new one on me! Just give me the mashd and the gravy and I’ll be happy!!

    1. The eye of round roast makes a fall apart tender piece of meat. I wish I had a smaller baking dish though because I end up having to use too much liquid to cover it by half … and I don’t like cooking veggies in the braising liquid. Even if you just add them to the pot in the last half hour or so, it’s too mushy for me. I like the roasted taste/look of the carrots and potatoes.

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