Happy Belated National Chocolate Cake Day (Jan. 27, 2019)

I recently commented on Dolly’s “koolkosherkitchen” blog that her National Chocolate Cake Day post made me want to make/eat some chocolate cake and she responded with “So go for it – it only takes a minute!”.  Well, the recipe that I used took a bit longer than a minute but the resulting cake was rich and chocolatey and pretty easy to make.

Although the recipe title says it’s a cake for one, on reading the post you’ll see that she recommends splitting the batter among two mini pans. Do it. You’ll be glad you did cause the batter really puffs up. And make twice as much of the frosting using the link at the bottom of the page. I have one cup ramekins so that’s what I used to bake the cake in. If you don’t … use an empty tuna can that you’ve washed thoroughly. Remove the label.

Chocolate buttercream frosting

Pour yourself a big glass of cold milk and dig in.

REVIEW: It’s delicious.


8 thoughts on “Happy Belated National Chocolate Cake Day (Jan. 27, 2019)

  1. Thank you for a shout-out, dear friend! This recipe is very close to mine, other than it needs to be baked, while mine is microwaveable. And the addition of an egg, of course. Yours looks scrumptious!

    1. I found a great web site with several ‘for one’ dessert recipes including coffee cake. rice pudding, and pumpkin pie. Such fun.

      PS: They’re listed in the order that I’d make them. I’m not a pumpkin pie fan. 🙂

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