Cream of Leek Soup

I haven’t made this soup in ages. I had a recipe for a kale, leek and potato soup but since I didn’t have any kale I net surfed for one that featured just the leeks. I decided on this recipe from the “Cooking with Campbell’s” website, though I left out the cream, after tasting the pureed soup. It just didn’t need it.

For a very elegant presentation, serve your soup in a delicate bone china cup.

Or, for a hearty home style presentation, use a sourdough bread bowl. Since I didn’t have any fresh herbs for garnish, I used a pinch of cayenne pepper for colour and to give a bit of zing to the very subtly flavoured leek and potatoes.

Sauteed leeks and potatoes in a purchased low salt chicken stock cooked until the potatoes were just tender … before and after being pureed.


10 thoughts on “Cream of Leek Soup

  1. Yum!! I never buy leeks coz they’re so expensive here but this looks worth a little splurge. This is the kind of soup I’d make for myself and not share with anyone who wouldn’t appreciate the silky subtleness! Lovely in the teacup!

    1. The soup turned out really well. So smooth and creamy. And no cream was needed.

      The leeks were a good price (a bundle of 3 for $2.88) and I’m trying to the best use possible. I made a small batch (12 pieces) of potato and leek knishes on the weekend. When I can take a nice picture (the lighting is bad after 3-4 pm) I’ll post the result. I have half the dough left (ran out of the filling) so I’m going to try to make a plain potato/onion filling to use it up this week on any day that I don’t get called to work.

      I’d also like to try to make a knish with a sweet filling. I’ve got a couple of ideas.

      1. I did pick up some lights which helped me a lot, although I’m still working on being more “subtle” with them. Then I just got a grow light for my herbs and realized it’s almost exacflly the same light my studio bulbs put out but is half the price. We have a lot of the same problems, I’m sure, alhtough you probably even have a tinier sliver of daylight to work with! I also started using picmonkey, a free photo app thing that’s online, and liked it so much I did decide to go for the pro version. But I used the free one for a long time and it helps spark up those dismal photos I was getting. Just food for thought. lol!!

  2. Oh gosh, not saying your photos are dismal!! That didn’t sound right, just sympathising that is is hard to get a clear pic in the dead of winter and MINE were so dismal. And often blueish from the wan light or greenish from the evergreens reflecting off the snow into my windows.

    1. Don’t worry. I didn’t take it badly at all. It’s just hard for my camera to focus/get sharp resolution in reduced light so I’m losing that crispness that I like. 🙂

      1. I usually cast a shadow on the food when I stand right over it. My only kitchen light is the one in the ceiling so I have to position myself so I’m not blocking the light. I hate using the flash on the camera.

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