Convenience Foods: Buffalo Chicken Wings

Convenience foods are … convenient.

However, you have to factor in the price you’re paying for that convenience and decide if it’s worth the trade-off.

In this case, I picked up a package of prepared Buffalo chicken wings (hot sauce and Parmesan garlic sauce included) on sale and said ‘the heck with it’. Especially as raw chicken wings are rarely ‘on sale’ and even if they ARE, you still have to coat/bread, bake, make the sauces etc. At 4-6 whole wings (8-12 pieces) per serving size, the package barely serves two people as a meal, if that’s all you’re having, but I stretched things with a lot of raw veggies like carrot sticks and broccoli florettes. I used Ranch dressing as a dip for the veggies and saved the garlic sauce for another purpose. Instead of french fries as a starch side dish, I made crispy skin-on smashed potatoes.

And I feasted.

A more modest dessert of one of my Jammie Dodgers and my Sunday meal was a success.

Other convenience foods I buy and use are onion rings, tater tots and canned inari sushi. And if that last one seems a bit out of left field … well there’s a reason.



6 thoughts on “Convenience Foods: Buffalo Chicken Wings

  1. As much as I like a nice coating on chicken wings, I’m also pretty happy with just rubbing them with a little olive oil, seasoning them with iodised salt, and some freshly cracked pepper, and putting them into a hot oven.

    1. I agree. That’s the best way. Maybe the next time they’re on sale, I’ll pick up a tray and make them myself.

      Back in the day, I used to go out for ‘all you can eat’ chicken wings with friends from uni. The wings were about 25 cents a piece and I could pack away 20-25 without any issues. Unbreaded and with the sauce heat level of your choice. A pint of beer to wash them down. I miss those days. 🙂

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