Quick Update on Pantry/Freezer Clearance

Pantry clearance is going very well. Less and less of the contents are being stacked on top of each other and landslides, when the door is opened, no longer occur. Jars, tubs and other miscellaneous containers are being emptied and put away.

The upstairs freezer is getting more and more empty … barring the recent addition of three five pound bags of all purpose flour. On a side note, Food Basics has a great sale on 10 kg bags of all purpose flour (Five Roses and Robin Hood). If I buy one, at $8.99, it will slightly offset the cost of the previous 10 kg bag from the Italian grocery store. In fact, if I had WAITED, I could have bought two of the smaller bags from FB for LESS than the cost of my usual big bag from there. Oh, well.

The summer break is almost over. Only one weekend after this and then it’s Labour Day and school starts again.

I’m not sure when I’m going to post an actual recipe but I’ve dug out my collection of Kraft “What’s Cooking” magazines with lots of great ideas to inspire me for the fall.


8 thoughts on “Quick Update on Pantry/Freezer Clearance

    1. It’s a continual process … more about keeping up and using up the older items before they go bad, or get freezer burn, in the case of the freezer. Sometimes, I just pitch. đŸ™‚

  1. Sounds like you are making great progress. My freezer is loaded and I’ll be doing the same thing although I always wait until after hurricane season is over. Until December, my pantry and freezer are full.

    1. I bought another bag of flour (Five Roses, all purpose 10 kg/22 lb for $8.99) yesterday so it’s filling up with five lb freezer bags for long term storage.

      Sigh … Three steps forward, one step back.

      1. After I finish my coffee and yogurt lunch (got up late) I have to go downstairs and start bagging the flour.

        Then I’m deciding what side dish to make to serve with the 2 butterflied boneless pork chops I cut yesterday from that 7 lb boneless pork loin that I brought home and butchered into managable pieces. A dozen chops have been wrapped and frozen. Along with a 1 lb bag of cubed pork for stew.

        I’m making a couple of pork (and shrimp) udon noodle bowls with the 13th boneless pork chop cut into strips. And there’s a 3 lb fattier chunk of pork from the other end that I haven’t decided what to do with yet … cut into 2-21/4 inch strips for marinating and grilling for Chinese bbq pork or do something Korean inspired for a kind of pulled pork.

        Last week free before work starts after Labour Day.

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