Pantry/Freezer Clearout – Tuna Noodle Casserole

A few weeks ago, I asked for suggestions on my FB groups as to what to do with canned tuna. One of the most popular suggestions was a tuna noodle casserole. I finally got around to making it and wondered why I’d waited so long. Cause this is some tasty stuff, folks.

For a recipe I went with the one from the Campbells (TM) website.

I was tempted to only use one can of tuna but, since I had five cans in the pantry, I splurged. I left out the pimento, since I didn’t have any, and topped the casserole with about a cup of crispy fried onions, from my pantry, instead of breadcrumbs. I also sprinkled some sweet paprika over the top, for colour.



Review: Delicious, if a bit bland. You might want to add about a quarter teaspoon of salt and pepper to the mushroom soup/milk mixture before you add the cooked noodles and the rest of the ingredients.


6 thoughts on “Pantry/Freezer Clearout – Tuna Noodle Casserole

  1. I had never had tuna casserole before I met my husband, it was his mom’s go-to meal at the cottage. As a young adult, I loved her version because she sprinkled crushed potato chips on top (we didn’t have chips often). There were other versions with crushed corn flakes too! My family was just so-so on it because we never really loved canned soup, but it brings back some awesome memories. I think I’ve figured out what yo make for lunch today! Thanks.

    1. It’s my first time making and/or eating it. I thought it was really tasty.

      I would have tried making my own mushroom ‘sauce’ as a base instead of using the canned soup but I eat and LIKE Campbell’s cream of mushroom soup (2 cans for $1 on sale) and I didn’t have any fresh mushrooms in the house … so I went for it. Glad I did.

      The fried onions were bought ready made. Sometimes convenience foods are … convenient. 😉

  2. I must say I’ve never bought a canned soup of any kind… but I often make pasta with canned tuna (either with cream or with tomato sauce). I always make sure I add lots of ground pepper or/and lemon zest to give a fresh or spicy kick. I love fried onions!

    1. I often buy the Campbell’s cream of mushroom and cream of tomato soups esp when they’re on sale. One can makes exactly 2 portions. When my dad used to come over to cut my grass or work in the garden, he never wanted me to make a fuss and feed him but he’d have 2 bowls of soup and a grilled cheese sandwich and be content. 🙂

      I was happy to be able to give him something that he’d like cause he was a fussy eater. A bit of ground pepper was needed for the casserole as it was a bit bland, to be honest.

    1. It was very tasty. Sadly, the onions got soggy when I thawed the leftovers in the microwave and reheated them. Next time, I must eat it all and not freeze any.

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