“Best” Oatmeal Ever

I didn’t grow up eating oatmeal for breakfast but, over the years, I’ve periodically given it a try in the interest of healthy eating.

My pantry door can barely close and, often, when I open it, things fall out. (Not that that’s a new occurrence.) Still, I DO try to clear things out periodically. So, when I ran across a mostly full jar of bulgur wheat, from making kibbeh, and a couple of jars of quick cooking rolled oats, I decided to do some net surfing and find a dish that would use them both.

And that’s when I ran across this recipe for what was called the “Best Oatmeal Ever”.

I don’t know whether I’d go that far in praise of the result, but it’s pretty good and it’s relatively fast and easy to make. I tried a half recipe and will refrigerate the second portion to see how it reheats. Cornmeal is also an ingredient in the recipe. Next time, I must remember to pour it in S-L-O-W-L-Y to avoid lumps. The oatmeal is already ‘lumpy’ from the rolled oats, but there’s no reason to be sloppy in your cooking technique.

Brown sugar and maple syrup, raisins and fresh strawberries were my add-ins and toppings before serving.


4 thoughts on ““Best” Oatmeal Ever

  1. We used to eat oatmeal every. single. day. I got so tired of it. The bulgar would add a lovely texture to the normally mushy oatmeal. I have some in my pantry, will bookmark to give this a try.

    1. The bulgur was surprisingly tender. I was expecting more of a crunch but the combination of simmering/steaming softens it up. It’s a nice combination with the cornmeal/polenta.

  2. as much as I’m interested in the bulgar wheat portion of this, I think it looks delicious! This post made me think of a gentleman in the grocery line the other day… he stood behind me in line with two pounds of butter. As my groceries were being checked out before he walked up, I couldn’t let him go ahead of me, which is what I would have done. He started right in with conversation: “I put butter on my oatmeal”. I looked at him, and answered: “I’ve never tried that”. He said: “yep, I started out with a teaspoon, and I’ve worked my way up to about two tablespoons… you should try it. Two tablespoons to one packet of instant oatmeal”. I kept my chuckle and cringe inside of me, as I responded: “everything with butter is delicious!” And then bid him a lovely evening as I left the store.

    So, the next morning at work, I found myself craving oatmeal… went to the vending machine and bought an instant cup. I opened the refrigerator, and saw that someone had some butter in there (probably to make toast).. and for a split second, considered putting butter on my oatmeal. I shook my head and walked away… not because I thought that I would hate it… but because I had a feeling that a teaspoon of butter in my maple oatmeal would be delicious… and I didn’t want to end up eating two tablespoons to a packet someday! Between me and that man, we’d create a butter shortage!! Hahaha!

    Lovely post, Anne. ❤️

    1. Funny story … I wouldn’t want to put 2 tbsp of butter on my oatmeal either. I used to buy those instant oatmeal packets. Sometimes they were my late evening ‘snack’ with a bit of brown sugar or maple sugar but I was never tempted to add butter to them. 🙂

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