Last Minute Sushi (Crab Stick and Avocado)

Shades of Deadpool

I want sushi.

What kind?

No sushi grade fish/seafood? No smoked salmon? No asparagus? Don’t want to make tamago? The bacon’s frozen solid?

Well, what DO you have?

A couple of avocados in the fridge and three fake crab sticks in the freezer.


Ok …. I CAN do this.

This is the internal conversation I had with myself.

Luckily, the crab sticks thawed quickly when I submerged the plastic freezer bag in cold water.

I had to make a quick batch of seasoned rice vinegar (6 tbsp rice vinegar, 2 tbsp sugar, 2 tsp salt) cause I was almost out but otherwise, this is what I ended up with.

Four gunkan sushi (3 spicy crab stick, 1 guacamole) and Two crab stick and avocado temaki (hand rolls)

Prepping the strips of nori (1 1/2 inch or about 2 finger width) and the rice ovals (about a rounded soup spoon of rice) for the gunkan or battleship sushi

One crab stick, avocado and spicy Sriracha mayo futomaki (cause it was pretty fat)


13 thoughts on “Last Minute Sushi (Crab Stick and Avocado)

      1. LOL! I am like you. I live alone and talk to myself too or actually to my inanimate furball Garfield LOL! It helps to gather our thoughts really. And yes, good to know we do not refer to selves as 3rd person ha ha!

  1. Great job with the sushi! Looks professional. I’ve recently seen some rice forms to allow you to press the rice into the appropriate shape but I prefer the ones done by hand, like yours.

    1. I like California rolls but I went a different way. In fact, I wasn’t going to make rolls at all. Onigiri was going to be on the menu … maybe next time with some tuna salad inside.

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