Home Made Bagels and Lox

I got a craving for bagels and lox when I saw smoked salmon on sale in this week’s grocery flyer.

There’s nothing like fresh, home made bagels so I made a batch. But, since it had been about five years since I last made them, I forgot a few things. Like DON’T make a larger size than this particular recipe calls for. Don’t crowd the bagels when boiling cause they grow and deform each other. And use the ball/poke method for shaping. The sealed rope method has a tendency to come undone while you’re boiling your bagels … no matter how well you think you sealed the two ends.

Large sized (75-80 gm) bagels using the sealed rope method (8 inch long rope)



Small size (50-55 gm) bagels, poke your floured index finger into the center of the ball of dough and then stretch the hole in the middle to create a hole that’s about 1/2-3/4 inch in diameter. The holes will close up a bit while boiling.


The results were worth the effort.

I let the larger bagels bake a bit too long, I think.


14 thoughts on “Home Made Bagels and Lox

      1. Oh duh! I haven’t been getting around to comment much lately, but had a nap and now can’t sleep – even though I’m groggy. I guess I’m not paying the best attention!!

      2. No biggy. I hope things are ok now that you’re back home. You’ve been away … I think.

        As to sleep, I slept for over 10 hrs last night. I’ve been suffering from a recurring bout of insomnia so I’m having fun catching up with the overnight comments … big mug of hot coffee in hand. I’ll probably put off the grocery shopping trip I was supposed to make at 9am this morning until tomorrow. (It’s almost 2pm now.)

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