Flavoured Sourdough Tortillas

I used to buy various flavoured tortillas … pesto and jalapeno cheddar come to mind, so a recent FB post which mentioned a rosemary olive oil tortilla inspired me to flavour my own home made sourdough flour tortillas. I was going to add dried rosemary to the sourdough tortilla dough but the jar of pesto, which caught my eye, when I opened the fridge door, led me in another direction.

Shiso pesto tortillas … one tablespoon of the vegetable oil was replaced with pesto.

For these sun-dried tomato tortillas, I pureed 2 tbsp of sun-dried tomatoes with the water in the recipe and added 1 tbsp of tomato paste for colour. A couple of pinches of sugar were added as well as I was afraid the tomatoes would be a bit … bitter. They were fine, by the way.

Other flavours I’m thinking of making one day … chipotle in adobo, roasted garlic, roasted red pepper, spinach, sun-dried tomato and garlic. What do you think would be a great flavour?

… And here are a couple more tortilla pizzas. I’ve pretty much stopped making regular yeast pizza dough, or even bread, as these tortillas are much more convenient for a single person. One has bacon on it and the other has a meat ragu sauce base with fresh basil leaves.

In place of sandwich bread, wraps are more fun, like in this breakfast or lunch scrambled egg and pepperoni wrap


8 thoughts on “Flavoured Sourdough Tortillas

    1. They ARE handy. And easier to store than sliced sandwich bread without going bad or drying out.

      PS: Just noticed that I had no title on the post.

      I’m copying over from LJ and keep jumping the gun on posting before I proof-read. Guess I’m getting old and forgetful. I need more coffee while I decide what to do with that outside round roast I bought yesterday. Maybe just toss it in the freezer and worry about it later.

  1. I love home made tortillas and it’s very clever to make your own flavoured ones too. They are so good fresh, but I also like to cut them into smaller triangles and bake them until crispy, they make wonderful crackers.

    1. They’re just as versatile as the commercial ones. You can even cut them into strips and bake or deep fry them to use in salads or as toppings for soup.

      I should have used some dried basil in the sun-dried tomato ones … or roasted garlic puree. Spinach puree would be a good idea too. I’ve even seen blueberry and chocolate tortillas for use as ice cream cones.

  2. Wow this is all pretty new to me! I’ve seen some tortillas here sold as wraps that are green, but I don’t know if I’ve ever seen or thought about flavored tortillas! Great post!

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