PICSPAM: Last BBQ of the Season

I love the taste of bbq’d foods but only bbq’ing a few things at a time seems wasteful to my frugal nature. So I make it worth my while with enough meat and veg for a week’s worth of meals.

I recently saw a post for Mexican market corn which made my mouth water, so I picked up a half dozen corn on the cob on sale to throw on the grill and make a batch. At 6 for $1.99, it wasn’t the best deal ever but I didn’t quibble. I didn’t quite have the energy to make them today, but there are two cobs set aside for it. The other three will probably end up in a corn chowder.

The full spread.

Here’s a picture of today’s Civic Holiday meal.

And some close-ups … sirloin steak and a sweet potato

Sweet corn on the cob and pork chops

Jumbo hot dogs


9 thoughts on “PICSPAM: Last BBQ of the Season

    1. Four for $1 is something I’ve seen too. I have to freeze the extra cause I don’t want to eat corn EVERY day. πŸ™‚

      I’ll thaw the cobs, cut the kernels off and throw the cobs in a pot of stock to get as much of the corn ‘milk’ flavour into the stock as possible. Will make a great pot of corn chowder with potatoes and crispy bacon. Cubed firm fish added to the pot makes it a fish chowder. If I’m doing well budget wise, I’ll throw in some shrimp.

  1. Cooking in batches sounds like a great way to extend the budget. Do you grill on charcoal? Your corn looks fantastic, I’m definitely going add it to our menu for the next progressive dinner on Friday! Happy Civic holiday to you too!

    1. No, I used propane for convenience. Grilling corn gives it a great taste and it was on sale at FB so I grabbed some. πŸ™‚

      Hope you enjoyed the day off.

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