Sourdough Waffles

NOTE: I have two brilliant ideas for no churn ice cream flavours but they both involve going shopping first. This is why I keep putting off going out for sushi … I blow my bi-weekly budget on cooking things in my own kitchen. Bread baking is cheap when you already have a 20 kg bag of AP flour in the freezer.

I recently finished the last of the sourdough pancakes in my freezer and rather than making another batch, I decided to switch things up and make sourdough WAFFLES. As I’m basically a lazy cook, I looked for the simplest recipe on line. I even solicited a recipe on my sourdough FB groups. Although a number of people recommended the King Arthur flour recipe and a fellow blogger, from whom I ‘borrowed”, my sourdough tortilla and naan recipes, shared hers, they either had ingredients or time constraints that I wasn’t prepared to deal with. So, I went with a recipe I found at the “Serious Eats” website. You can use either active or discard starter.

I didn’t rewrite the instructions enough that I feel that I can post it here so you’ll have to go to the source for the recipe.

You may remember that my waffle maker is an OLD OLD clunker with reversible plates, no temperature controls and sticking issues. It took me almost the entire batch of waffle batter to get the waffles to release from the top plates, which were probably on the bottom the last time that I used them, more than a year ago.

The plates are made for rectangular waffles, but if you pour the batter in the center and hold back on a tablespoon or so, you can get round waffles.

NOTE TO SELF: 1/2 cup of batter, per each side of my waffle maker, cooked for 2 min 45 sec to 3 min, is perfect .

Some odds and ends I want to share … a steak quesadilla snack on my home made sourdough tortillas.

Or a steak breakfast burrito plate as good as in a restaurant.

I’ve been playing with plating my Hungarian cheese dumplings … honey and cheese is a great pairing.

A first attempt at slider buns with enriched dough. Some hamburger buns were made with the leftover dough.


12 thoughts on “Sourdough Waffles

  1. Your bread looks awesome! I love irregular waffles, I did an entire photo shoot with irregular ones. Even though my waffle maker is relatively new, and non-stick, it really sticks a lot so I end up having to oil it up really well and then it doesn’t stick.

    1. Oiling the hot plates with my silicone brush and lots of veggie oil helped a lot so my second batch didn’t stick at all and I got more regular looking waffles. Maybe just one corner on the sheet didn’t fill in. I have to remember to spread the batter just a BIT. They still tasted great in my chicken (tenders) and waffles supper. πŸ™‚

  2. I haven’t eaten waffles for ages (at least 15 years). I think I no longer remember what they taste like! Your sourdough tortillas look fantastic too!

    1. Thank you. The last waffles I had were the frozen kind you buy and toast up in your toaster … Eggos. These were MUCH better. You should give them a try if you have a waffle maker.

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