Cooking Doldrums

ETA: A link back to a basic flan recipe was added as it’s been years since I posted it and it’s SO easy to make.

There are days when I wake up with the energy to do some cooking but no idea WHAT I should cook. It’s often hard to choose among several options with the items on hand. Sometimes, it takes googling to find variations of recipes when certain items aren’t available. It’s even more challenging when I have lots of leftovers in the fridge that I can re-imagine so I don’t HAVE to cook.

Right now, I’ve got an entire cooked steak, flour tortillas, a couple of avocados, eggs, and salsa in the fridge and leftover refried beans and basmati rice in the freezer. I think breakfast/lunch/dinner may be something Tex-Mex inspired.

On the other hand, I also have leftover hollandaise sauce, roasted potato wedges, asparagus and onion rings in the fridge. And frozen English muffins.

And then there’s the container of white bean, pasta and sausage soup that I made a couple of days ago (the rest are in the freezer) that I should be eating.

Help me. 🙂

Here’s what some of the leftovers are from. That’s some of the hollandaise in the little ramekin. And that was the last of three little vanilla flan I made with the two yolks from making the ‘brutti ma buoni’.

The leftovers are half of what you see below

PS: It’s chilly in the house so turning the oven on to cook is a GOOD thing.


7 thoughts on “Cooking Doldrums

  1. I would make a kind of a cross between heuvos rancheros and eggs benedict! Fry the tortillas, spread with the beans, layer on the steak and cover in hollandaise and salsa with the avocado on the side! YUm!!

    1. That sounds delicious. I went with the Tex-Mex theme for an egg-steak tortilla wrap and a steak quesadilla. I’ll keep it in my mind for the next time. 🙂

  2. I’m all over a Mexican Huevos Rancheros, you can even mix the rice into the refried beans and use the hollandaise on the poached or fried eggs!
    Layer 1: flour tortilla
    Layer 2: refried bean and rice combo
    Layer 3: sliced avocado
    Layer 4: poached or fried egg
    Layer 5: hollandaise sauce
    Layer 6: sliced green onions

      1. Wow, that’s quite the creation. If I turned the avocados into guacamole and scrambled the eggs, it would be a great dip, like a 7 layer. 🙂

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