Boring Friday

I’m bored again and in the mood to ramble. (Lucky you if you’re reading this.)

After a warmish week which culminated in a HOT Thursday, I woke up to rain and a much cooler Friday.

School/work is done as the last class was yesterday and the chance of getting a call during exam week is slim. Just got my VISA bill, and though expected, the hit is a bit of an ouchy due to the plumbing bill. At least now I can use the upstairs tub after a good snaking out and the downstairs tub won’t be dripping hot water … and money. It’s the last of the big bills (knock wood) til I get my 2nd set of city taxes. Still, it means I have to be very frugal until October when I would be getting my first paycheque of the new school year.

I need to go to the library and pick up a book that I’ve got on hold, but other than that, I have no reason to go out.

So, I guess I’ll do some cooking or rather, baking.

Speaking of … I’ve been scavenging through the fridge and freezer again for meals or components to go with recent purchases.

A bit under two pounds of fresh asparagus for $3.50. Enough for four servings with minimal wastage.

A tray of five boneless and skinless chicken breasts, picked up for 40% off, means I ended up with five top cutlets. One of the cutlets became an asparagus roll-up which was crumbed and baked, along with fifteen chicken tenders from the bottom of the breasts, for supper. The other four cutlets and ten of those tenders went into the freezer. Pretty good for $10. The KFC flyer has a bucket of 8 chicken tenders (ok, they’re bigger pieces) for $10. I laughed.

PS: The bread crumbs used for the cutlet and tenders were made with my own sourdough bread.

The combo pack of six pork chops for under $10 gave me two great comfort meals of pan fried pork chops, baked asparagus, mashed potatoes and pan gravy and there are four more chops for the freezer.

With a couple of scoops of vanilla ice cream, my fudgy chocolate cupcakes made for a great fast dessert.

The scraps of pasta from my ravioli became tagliatelle and were combined with beef stroganoff from the freezer. Enough for three meals. I’m glad I didn’t throw away those scraps. And, a beautiful fresh mango became a mango lassi when combined with milk, sugar and some yogurt.

I HAVE baked … a tray of hybrid sourdough cinnamon rolls, most of which are looking for a good home.

It’s been a productive week in spite of not working at all.


5 thoughts on “Boring Friday

  1. Good for you for baking, I just can’t bring myself to turn the oven on, on these sweltering days. Those cinnamon buns look awesome! I just picked up a whole chicken at no frills for $1.50/lb! And metro has lactancia butter for $3.33. I’m going to have to do a freezer inventory and use what I have. I’m pretty good, but not nearly as good as you are, I am super impressed with your budgeting capabilities. My dear Mom budgeted like no one I ever knew…having worked only after my dear Dad passed away (she was 46), and we had nothing in those day, she managed to squirrel away and incredible amount, it blew my mind!
    The fried chicken looks a million times better than KFC, there, I said it.

    1. Thank you for the kind comment.

      I had to turn on the A/C today (it was 81 F in the house) as I turned a couple of SD French baguettes into pizza baguettes and crispy garlic cheese bread. Supper with salad and chickpea soup from the freezer.

      I used to pick up a $12 tub of KFC on Tuesdays when my mom was still alive because I was just too tired to cook when I got home and it would feed us for a few days. Now, I’m working about 2/3rds of what I used to and the budget is a LOT tighter. It’s a challenge.

      1. Funny, me too! And this might be a little weird, but it makes me feel closer, somehow, to my Mother and Grandmother who both are long gone. So many great memories of being taught how to cook, I think. 🙂

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