U is for Udon (Noodles that is)

Noodles are ubiquitous in many cuisines and udon, a soft, thick and chewy wheat noodle, is one of the many Asian forms I hadn’t tried until I found them fresh at my local, cut-rate, grocery store.

Vacuum sealed in individual portions, they’re removed from the package and added to a pot of boiling water where they take only three minutes to cook to the al dente stage. Rinsed thoroughly in cold water and then well drained, they can be served either hot or cold.


Dan Dan Noodles … the noodles are topped with the meat sauce, sambal oelek and green onions … stir it up and dig in.

Tofu and red miso soup served over a half package of udon noodles with a poached egg for garnish.


16 thoughts on “U is for Udon (Noodles that is)

    1. I understand they’re more common dried but for my first exposure, this way of finding them was very convenient. Amazing what you can find in Food Basic’s International aisle. I think it cost $2.69 for the package.

  1. Wow I learnt something new today. Would like to try this Udon noodles. Will check this in the Chinese grocery here. Thanks for this share Boleyn.

  2. Udon is my absolute number one among all the Asian noodles! I love its chewiness…. Your post brings back great memories from Tokyo… Udon is so cheap and so much lighter than ramen (I mean soups), I went to a newly discovered fantastic udon bar four times in last week!
    I also use udon noodles in many non-traditional and non-Japanese ways. Love your both dishes!
    (I find dried udon much less exciting: it lacks the chewiness I’m so crazy for! I always buy it from the “fridge” section).

    1. I don’t know why I never noticed it before in the store. It’s not cheap compared to dried pasta which I could also use as a base for the dan dan noodles but it was a pleasant new experience.

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