Easter Sunday (and Easter Monday) Dining

Sorry for the delay in posting … no real reason.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter weekend with friends and family. Four days off seems like a lot but, amazingly, it’s Monday already and they flew by. It was a mild weekend so I went outside and bbq’d a tray of lamb shoulder chops, a package of asparagus and a package of jumbo hot dogs for my Easter dinner. It was all delicious.

Supper – Chickpea soup with a crispy kale garnish and the lamb chops, kale salad, sweet potatoes and grilled asparagus.

Instead of buns or rolls, I used part of the dough from the traditional Romanian Easter bread, pasca, which I posted already, to make a pull-apart braided cross.

And here’s the star of the meal. The cheese filling is an accent not the main feature.

I cut some of the flowers from the front ‘garden’ for my Easter table and though the daffodils are all faded (they were gorgeous last weekend) the narcissus are beautiful, as always. My dad’s plantings are doing him proud yet again.

And speaking of plants, I planted a small egg tray (2 seeds in each of 6 cups) of lavender seeds a couple of weeks ago but there’s no sign of any seedlings yet. I’m not quite sure why I decided to plan them, but I have had this package of seeds for a while so I thought I’d give it another try in the face of previous fails.  UPDATE (04/22) : only 1 seedling germinated. It was never a very successful package of seeds so I suspect there was something wrong from the source.

I’m debating on what else I should plant this year from my collection of seed packets. Mostly herbs since that’s mostly what I have. Basil (Italian and Thai), some shiso since none of the four or so lovely plants I had in the house over-wintered successfully indoors, from the fall planting. One leaf after another dropped off until all I was left with was a bare stalk with faded blossoms on it. I suppose I could have gathered the seeds but I didn’t plan ahead. As to the mitsuba, I have one very leafy plant sitting on the window sill in the entry way. I pinched off the older faded leaves as a new furl appeared in the center and now I have huge leaves on it. The pot isn’t very large or deep but I’m wary of transplanting in case the shock causes them all to drop off.

It seems like the sage plant I bought from the city market has overwintered successfully outside without any type of covering but the rosemary … I’m pretty sure it’s dead. Thyme, oregano and mint plants were also in the pots but it’s too soon to tell if they’re going to come back.


8 thoughts on “Easter Sunday (and Easter Monday) Dining

  1. What a lovely Easter dinner you had. We saw family too, with a little break in between. Too bad about the seedlings, I have so much lavender, I’d be happy to split some with you if you lived closer!

  2. Beautiful Easter atmosphere and so many dishes!
    Your mitsuba looks fantastic! I have never had such huge leaves. Many herbs don’t do well indoors for a long time alas…
    Let me know if you want more shiso seeds!
    From my experience parsley, chives, mint and mitsuba (!!) survive winters on the balcony at least… If it’s too cold, the leaves die but they start growing the following spring. Though I live in a warmer climate (but I remember parsley survives in Poland too).

    1. It was a very simple Easter meal but I enjoyed making something special by baking that bread.

      I think the mitsuba needs to be transplanted but I’m too lazy to do so.

      I had a pleasant surprise today … the dead shiso plant in the spare bedroom has a new seedling (~3 inches tall). I hadn’t watered the soil at all so I’m surprised it germinated from a seed that must have dropped off those dead flower heads. I stripped the rest of the ‘seeds’ in their casings and watered the soil. I’m going to see what happens. I don’t think I need any shiso seeds as I still have a bunch.

      I’m going to see if the mitsuba plant flowers this summer and gives me seeds. No idea how to use the plant/leaves though.

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