Pork Crackling Yeast “Biscuits” Redux

It’s been almost a year since I last made these pork crackling biscuits and I’ve been wanting to make some for the last month or so. They’re not particularly pretty  (I still took a lot of pictures to make up for the bad ones posted before) but they’re fluffy and tender from the pork fat in the cracklings. Some recipes grind half the cracklings to a paste and leave the other half more granular, but I kept them all granular. Duck fat was used to help create the layers.

Chunks of ground pork cracklings give texture and flavour to the biscuits

Two Different Finishes to the Biscuits  – The cuts on top should have been only 1/4 inch apart but I got lazy. The top layer slid off so it wasn’t as photogenic as the ones I made a number of years ago.

Pork Cracklings – cut into chunks and then ground

Layering the Dough


17 thoughts on “Pork Crackling Yeast “Biscuits” Redux

      1. The link in the earlier comment is to a slightly different version which is more similar to the savoury scones or biscuits in the US/Canada which just use baking powder to help them rise. Both baking powder and yeast, and sour cream and water in place of milk, are seen in Hungarian versions of this dish. Hungarians and Romanians like pork … a lot. 🙂

  1. Gorgeous! These are Hungarian pogàcsa, aren’t they? At least they look very similar. Pogàcsa are one of the most delicious things I know from Hungarian cuisine and if I lived there it’d be my main problem to keep from gaining weight 😉
    I also love cottage/aka curd cheese pogàcsa. I made them several times, but they are not easy…(for me at least).

    1. Thank you, yes they are.

      I’ve made the cheese version too but a flatter more scone/biscuit like version. I didn’t have really good cheese when I made them and was disappointed. A lot of work and the result was kind of boring. They’re not easy to make for me either. I may try to make them again one day … but not any time soon.

  2. I’m sure I’ve mentioned that my Dear Mom used to make these, but only in the fall(?). My aunt used to roast a suckling pig and have a party and Mom would get some of the crackling. How I loved those biscuits! Unfortunately, when I was around 8, I indulged a little too much (read a lot) in cracklings and was so sick. I haven’t been able to eat rich foods since. However, it’s time that I try these typical Hungarian biscuits (pogácsa) again! Perhaps I’ll make some for Easter, my cousin Lucy can help me eat them! Thanks for the reminder.

    1. I thought of you when I made them, Eva. They ARE rich but very tasty and making them once a year or two is a nice treat for a special occasion. I only used half a pound (the recipe calls for a full pound) and the remainder will freeze well. 🙂

  3. So very interesting!! I’m sure I saw the previous, because usually I never miss a post (until recently, coz things have been so crazy here) but I think these are so cool! I think I’d love them as biscuits and gravy. Extra porky goodness!

    1. Thank you. The biscuits were very rich, but tasty.

      I’m going to use the rest of the pork cracklings I bought to make pupusas. They’re very tasty with a tangy coleslaw and a tomato salsa.

  4. The crackly tops look SO good. And I can’t wait to see your pupusas! I’ve always wanted to try pupasas ever since Kristen from Iowa Girl Eats shared her love for them.

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