Beef Duo – Curry and Individual Pot Pies

NOTE: I made the curry and the duck fat pastry as directed by the recipes in the links … ok, I used water instead of vodka in the pastry cause I didn’t want to waste the vodka. The filling for the pot pies started with the recipe on Allrecipes but I made some changes as briefly noted below.

I made the mistake of freezing an entire tray (2.6 lbs) of stewing beef when I brought it home so I wanted to get creative when I cooked it.

I recently saw an intriguing recipe for Punjabi Beef and Spinach curry which I wanted to make. It’s not a pretty dish when done, but the combination of herbs and spices sounded like they’d make a flavourful dish. I browned all the beef and set aside 1 pound for the second dish, a pot pie.

Beef pot pies are a great way of stretching your meat to serve more people and getting some veggies into your diet at the same time. I chose to do individual pies so I could freeze away the extras for future meals without worrying about the filling oozing out and making a mess or drying out.

Inside the pot pie … I think I need to make a bit more gravy but just adding some more broth which would make the gravy thinner should solve the issue.

I used a beef pot pie recipe that I found on Allrecipes though I made some adjustments to the technique including making a roux based gravy, with the liquid used to simmer the beef (~1/2 cup), to which I added a rounded tablespoon of dried French onion soup mix and about a cup of chicken stock.

And, instead of a frozen pie crust, I made a flavourful pastry with some duck fat instead of using all butter.


13 thoughts on “Beef Duo – Curry and Individual Pot Pies

    1. It’s a very mild curry dish for people who are afraid that curry means ‘hot’. And it’s not very pretty when done … so I look forward to seeing your plating. 🙂

  1. Your pie reminds me of the British beef and ale pie I love (I had it twice in London). I love the way they put the lid but no pastry underneath: it’s crisp and so much lighter than if both top and bottom were covered in pastry.
    Indian curries (especially those including spinach) rarely look good, but looks delicious to me.
    I use vodka in Polish doughnuts and another deep-fried kind of pastry. It’s supposed to make the pastry absorb less fat when deep-fried… I wonder what other tricks vodka does when added to dough.

    1. I do like the lighter version of just using the top crust but went with the double crust so I could freeze, turn out and wrap the pies while reusing the pie tins.

      I researched the use of vodka in pie crust and didn’t think it was worth using up my expensive vodka. 🙂

      I may use it in making my angel wings pastry … if and when I ever get around to making them. Like dobos torte, it’s something on my bucket list of recipes to make.

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