Cold, Gray and Bored … Purple

We got over three inches of snow overnight and, although the sun didn’t make an appearance today, it was relatively mild. So, since I was home and didn’t want to wait (until after 4 or 5 pm) to have my snow shoveled, I went out there with my little shovel and did it myself. The snow was wet and heavy, but I got it done and it only took an hour. And, I saved money.

In the last 3 hours, all of the snow left on the sidewalk has melted, and is mostly draining away. And the car is clean and somewhat dry.

I’ve got food in the fridge and the freezer so other than reading fanfiction online, there’s not much else I’m motivated to do.

I got bored and looked at some of the pictures left on my hard drive where I ran across a folder of pictures I could barely remember taking. It was labelled Jewellry. I won’t bore you with them, especially as it’s a modest collection, mostly made up of rings my mom bought me when I was growing up and which I no longer wear. Old age results in joints swelling, most of the rings don’t fit and I don’t really have the money or the motivation to get them/any resized.

My favourite colour of the jewellry I bought for myself … purple.

I like amethysts. The bi-colour loose stone is called an ‘ametrine’. One day, I might even be able to afford to get it set in something. But, probably not.

Here’s something my mom bought me that still fits but I rarely wear.

What’s your favourite piece of jewellry or gemstone?

4 thoughts on “Cold, Gray and Bored … Purple

  1. That’s a beautiful ring! I don’t wear much jewelry. I have a bit in the box upstairs but I wear a wedding ring and the diamond that goes with it and I have a pair of half dome earrings that are my favorite. I’m a bit boring.

    I don’t blame you for being unmotivated in the gloom. Here it’s the opposite. The sun is shining, it’s bloody hot and humid and I don’t want to do anything but watch old movies in the air conditioning in the bedroom.

  2. Amethyst is my birthstone (I was born in February) and I like the vibrancy of the colour. I’d take an amethyst over the largest diamond there is. I don’t wear any rings and as I have lost one of every good/expensive pair of earrings I used to wear, I just wear costume earrings now and I take them off as soon as I get home and change.

    I read fanfic online or watch tv series on the computer. Right now, I’m watching season 5 of Father Brown. Have you ever watched Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries?

  3. You should wear this ring more often! It looks really lovely! I like the chain (pendant?) too.
    I’m not very motivated in winter in general… I try to work from home whenever I can during the cold weather period. I hate going out!

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