Christmas Duck Dinner (2016)

Christmas for one doesn’t have to be dull and boring. I always set the table for two. This year, I used my mom’s Christmas china … I bought it for her at Canadian Tire many, many years ago. The turkey platter (only $10) picked up at the same place is perfect for this year’s duck. I found the old linen tablecloth tucked away under a stack of ‘good’ dish towels in the bathroom closet.

Duck and orange is a classic pairing but, instead of an orange sauce, I added oranges to my kale salad and dressing. Or rather, Kraft did.

Drippings from roasting the duck made a tasty base for gravy.

Bread pudding made with leftover Nutella, chocolate and pecan babka, Bree Drummond’s easy caramel sauce and a scoop of French vanilla ice cream

I spent a bit over $13 CDN for the duck (2.3 kg) but there’s enough meat for at least 4-5 servings. And the carcass (not in the picture) will end up as stock.


12 thoughts on “Christmas Duck Dinner (2016)

    1. It turned out really well. Not too fatty at all. Sorry, I prefer calling the cloaca the pope’s nose. (I took Latin in high school and the association makes it particularly unpalatable to use that term.) It will end up in the duck stock. It’s just too fatty for me to eat as is.

      I’m trying to think of interesting ways to use the rest of the duck. Duck pizza, duck congee … I think you made that once didn’t you?

      1. Leek and duck tartlets would be nice. Yes, leftover duck congee is very nice, especially since you’re in winter.
        As a kid I remember the cloaca being referred to as the parson’s nose or pope’s nose. Ducks and turkeys certainly have big ones and so long as they are roasted well the fat should render out. It’s my favourite part of a bird. I’m yet to try goose though.

      2. Is it like a quiche (eggs, milk and cheese base) but with sauteed leeks and diced or shredded duck meat? Is there a recipe you could recommend? I did some net surfing but nothing caught my eye.

        I roasted the entire duck but the pope’s nose was still quite fatty. I don’t remember my mom roasting a goose for a couple of decades.

      3. I see the link is to a pot pie with a becamel type sauce and sauted leek inside rather than a quiche. Interesting what he does with the chestnuts sandwiching them in the pie crust along with the sage leaves.

      4. Great ideas regardless. I’ve sliced up, wrapped and frozen away the 2 breasts and the 2nd leg. I had the wings today. Two days of duck is plenty. Now I can do something different.

        I’ve been planning on making sushi (onigiri and hand rolls) for the last few days with the avocado in my fridge, frozen tempura shrimp and some fake crab legs.

      5. You’re living the high life at the moment πŸ‘
        I’ve just been to the shops, bought a loaf of bread and a crumbed chicken thigh. I’ll use a ripe avocado and have a crumbed chicken sandwich for lunch πŸ˜‹

  1. Your Christmas dinner sounds good. We went out for Christmas lunch and my husband ordered duck while I had trout. Wishing you all the best in the New Year.

      1. I do too…it wasn’t a very good year for those in my family or for my friends. Kinder and healthier would be nice. πŸ™‚

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