Repeated … Asian Themed Dishes

I’ve been craving sushi again … and you know what THAT means.

I make a bunch of my favourite Chinese and Japanese dishes, take pictures of them and share them with you all.

Okonomiyaki (Japanese cabbage pancake) – I diced some fake crab legs (surimi) and added it to the pancake mixture. The cooked strips of bacon are added to the top of the pancake before it’s flipped over and the top is cooked. I’m wrapping the two I made and freezing them away for future meals.

Szechuan shrimp and broccoli over longevity lo mein noodles – 3/4 of a pound of white Pacific shrimp in a spicy sweet and sour type sauce. I bought a bundle of broccoli cheap (88 cents). It was most mostly stem and very little florette so I threw in all the florettes and froze some of the stem for vegetable stock.

Sticky Asian drumsticks

Sushi hand rolls (temaki sushi) – A shiso (perilla) leaf gives these hand rolls a great fresh flavour. And they’re so inexpensive. Cook up a cup of sushi rice and you have enough rice for 8-10 hand rolls.

All you need is a drizzle of soy sauce before devouring these beauties.


14 thoughts on “Repeated … Asian Themed Dishes

      1. About 3-4 yrs ago my nephew and I tried making sushi at home for the first time. Unfortunately, our rice was badly over cooked and we ended up pitching all the rolls we made. I’ve finally got the hang of it.

      2. I like to make a pot of miso soup (about 4 servings and freeze half) to go along with them. And donburi bowls topped with pork or chicken cutlets. Even bacon/pork belly and a poached egg.

    1. The tempura shrimp hand rolls I made the next day with leftover sushi rice (don’t season it but refrigerate, warm in the microwave and season THEN) were even better. Sometimes I just can’t be bothered with rolling. 🙂

      The pancakes look very plain but when topped with okonomiyaki sauce, mayo, diced avocados, a sprinkling of bonito flakes etc they’re amazing. You can serve them on top of fried noodles and a poached egg too. For the finished dish, check the link below.

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