Happy Halloween 2016

Happy Halloween!

I made these adult treats filled with sweetened whipping cream for Halloween back in 2014 and since I’m not in the mood to do much new baking for the occasion this year, I thought I’d share the picture. You can find the recipe for chocolate florentines here.


17 thoughts on “Happy Halloween 2016

    1. Thank you. Florentines are delicious.

      Oh, by the way, I made a batch of potatoes roasted in duck fat to go along with yesterday’s stuffed and rolled turkey breast. Very tasty. Thank you for the idea.

    1. Thank you. I prefer the regular version without chocolate but it was fun playing with seasonal colours and on my first attempt, seeing what baking at different temperatures did to the final size and texture of the florentines.

      I may make another batch with dried cranberries for Christmas and coat the bottoms with chocolate before I glue 2 together as they’re sold commercially.



  1. Sorry I have been by for a while. These look great. I haven’t made Florentines in a really long time, mainly because they didn’t work out the first time! They are such a delicate and beautiful cookie.

    1. Things are even slower on LJ. I haven’t posted anything new in 2 weeks. πŸ™‚

      The recipe was foolproof. It was the 2nd recipe I tried and even the first recipe was good, just not as ‘lacy’ as I hoped. So I glued 2 together with melted chocolate.

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