In Memory of Summer: Strawberry Summer Flan and Chili Cheese Dogs

When my brother and I were kids, my mom would make us this simple sponge cake topped with fresh strawberries and strawberry jello to set them onto the cake, in the summer. We loved it. Sometimes she’d make sweetened whipped cream to dress it up. I made a very fancy version which I posted here.

However, with the arrival of the cool fall weather, I was struck by nostalgia for the taste of summer which is one of the reasons why I gave this the title above.

Cake, jello, strawberries and whipping cream

Or just the jello and strawberries

Hot dogs aren’t just for summer barbecues. Transform regular or jumbo dogs cooked in the oven into chili dogs.

Your younger kids may be full with just the chili dog and a few fries, but throw in some raw broccoli and ranch dip for the teens and adults.

The jumbo dog above was served in the last regular hot dog bun I had but I used a bakery subway bun below.


25 thoughts on “In Memory of Summer: Strawberry Summer Flan and Chili Cheese Dogs

      1. Thank you for your offer but I prefer to post on my own blog. If you’re interested in the recipe for the sponge cake, there’s a link back to the post with the recipe in the first paragraph.

    1. BBQ’d hot dogs are my favourites but chili cheese dogs are GOOD!

      I think I need to buy a salmon fillet soon. It’s been too long since I had salmon. Smoked salmon and cream cheese is amazing too. πŸ™‚

      1. Thank you for the link. I’m amazed at the price per kilo of salmon fillets. By buying a salmon side at a sale price of around $22/kilo and cutting it myself, I save money and can get portions just the size I prefer. πŸ™‚

      2. After my dad passed away, my mom stayed with me for about a year and a half. She was very sedentary and had some health issues so I tried to minimized fat usage by baking the salmon skin side down and then I took the meat off the skin which I discarded. When she had to go into the nursing home, I experimented with less healthy cooking methods. Like making duck poutine.

      1. I know what you mean about the humidity. I don’t know how long our sunshine will last as they are saying a tropical storm has a good possibility of coming our way next week. 😦

  1. Sadly these might be the last strawberry days at the market here too…. My mum used to make sometimes a similar cake with bought sponge bottom, but I convinced her to forget the jelly and put more pastry cream (I don’t like sweet jelly). It reminds me childhood days…
    Your hot dogs look fantastic! I wonder why I’ve never tried making hotdogs at home…. with delicious Swiss organic sausages!

    1. With greenhouse and imported strawberries, they’re of course, available year round but local are the best. My dad’s sweet little strawberries were eagerly awaited each year.

  2. We had those jello and fruit flans too, such a lovely memory. I’m surprised to still see decent strawberries in the stores and they are reasonable. Love the colour of your flan.

    1. I know you can use all sorts of fruit to top them but strawberries will always be my favourites. The colour is quite vibrant, isn’t it? Probably cause of the jello. πŸ™‚

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