Bean Sprouts … what to do with them?

Whenever I make Pad Thai, I always have about a pound of bean sprouts to use up in a couple of days, before they go bad.

Usually, I make hot and sour soup, because I have things in the pantry to make it with. Like a can of bamboo shoots. Dried seaweed I can rehydrate in five to ten minutes. And diced tofu in the freezer, where I keep it for a quick pot of miso soup. I THOUGHT about making chop suey but, I didn’t have any protein thawed and limited time available, about half an hour.

Of course, summer rolls (the ones with the rice paper you have to soak) or egg rolls are a possibility too, but you have to plan ahead for them. And then there’s the frying with the latter.

What do YOU do with your bean sprouts if you buy them?


6 thoughts on “Bean Sprouts … what to do with them?

  1. I’m a bit late here, sorry… but love this Thai salad: It’s fabulous! (Now that you like coriander, you might add it too!). This being said, I often throw out half of the sprouts box…. it’s just too big for me and I usually am the only sprout eater at home 😦 I wish they were sold loose (like every fruit and vegetable, in my opinion).

    1. I love pad thai but between the bean sprouts which go bad so quickly and the rice noodles which are too fragile to freeze, it’s not a dish I make as often as I’d like.

      You can make a batch of egg rolls filled with bean sprouts … and they freeze afterward. Or sprout your own mung beans. 🙂

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