Not cooking … just reheating, this weekend

Even though there are lots of dirty dishes (mostly empty containers) in my sink, the prep for today’s supper was minimal and the actual ‘cooking’ a no brainer.

A couple of weeks ago, I succumbed to the temptation of buying one of those rotisserie chickens at the grocery store. They’re a bit heavy handed on the seasonings (translate that to salt) but sometimes you just want something hot and filling.

On the way home, I had stopped at the bakery and picked up some slider buns and a Boston Cream donut. (It’s what I often ask for and they probably call me the Boston Cream Lady if they ever discuss my visit. If they don’t have BC’s, I usually pick up a Mexican to get my chocolate cinnamon fix.)

After making a couple of sandwiches with one of the breasts, and nibbling on both wings to fill out any empty spaces, I had a cup of coffee and that donut. Then I froze away the two legs, the second breast and the carcass in separate containers.

Yesterday, while the house was cooling off with the new A/C motor installed, I devoured the thawed second breast on my last 2 ciabatta buns for lunch. Supper was leftover kale and tofu miso soup and tamales from my freezer.

Today (Saturday) was more of the same. I thawed the package of chicken legs, made mashed potatoes, gravy (with the juice from the rotisserie chicken, which I had saved) and some quick chicken broth. Salad had already been prepped and the greens … well, I had a couple of cups of kale prepped as well, so I sauteed them with some olive oil, dry red pepper flakes and thinly, sliced garlic. Dessert was the last of the brownies from the freezer with vanilla ice cream and salted caramel from the fridge.

If my mom had been here we would both have been stuffed, but since it’s just me, I have leftovers for Sunday supper.


10 thoughts on “Not cooking … just reheating, this weekend

    1. I was going to refer to the meal at the bottom as “Maryland chicken” but didn’t want to usurp the nomenclature. I’d never heard the legs called that before. 🙂

      1. I discovered on Wikipedia that in the USA, Chicken Maryland has a different meaning. In Australia it simply refers to a piece of chicken consisting of the thigh and drumstick. It may explain why one of my Chicken Maryland posts is so popular. The featured photograph looks like a piece of fried chicken.

  1. I’ve succumbed to those rotisserie chickens too, the carcasses make excellent soup! We had a flattened BBQ chicken on Friday night and thank goodness I saved the carcass because on Saturday my husband came down with a doozy of a cold, so I made slow cooker chicken soup. He felt a lot better last night but this morning it’s back with a vengeance (how I hate summer colds). I love that you make a special dessert for yourself, I just couldn’t be bothered. Nice to have A/C, we had ours on at the cottage yesterday afternoon because the heat and humidity was brutal! I just hate having it on at the cottage but occasionally we must!
    I just read that the inventor of autocorrect passed away. May he restaurant in peace. 😳

    1. Sorry to hear about hubby’s cold. My allergies sometimes flare up at this time of year. Stuffed up ears and a lot of sneezing aren’t fun either but not as bad as a miserable cold. Hope he feels better soon.

      A/C is a necessity in the city. 24 hrs without was NOT pleasant and it wasn’t even in the 90s outside.

      After getting away with no cooking for supper (the Boston cream donut was also an indulgence) I felt I needed to make something fancy for dessert … and I already had the caramel sauce, brownies and ice cream. Just had to put it together.

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