Home made Pita Breads … Sort of Fail

I decided to make another attempt at pita bread. For some reason, flour tortillas, naan and pita breads aren’t great successes for me, but I don’t give up. Especially as I’d bought a couple of packages of pork souvlaki on sale and a tub of tzatziki to eat them with.

This time, I used Chef John’s recipe and, as expected, they did NOT puff up. The frying temp (medium-high) in the cast iron pan charred areas of the pitas, in the time frame recommended. I reduced the temperature to medium and the remaining pitas looked better.

I tried baking one of the pitas at 425 deg F and ended up with crispy bread by the time the bread got the golden colour I was aiming for. It was tasty as a vehicle for eating hummus with in any case.

And then I decided to make some pita pizzas with the rest of the dough. Both pizzas were topped with tomato sauce and mozzarella cheese.

After baking for about 8 minutes at 425 deg F, torn prosciutto was placed on both and julienned fresh basil on one before returning the baking sheet to the oven, for a few more minutes.

White pita pizza – extra virgin olive oil, caramelized onions, grated Grana Padano and mozzarella cheese. I topped this one with some prosciutto as well, though I forgot to take a picture.

Oh well, everything was still edible.


10 thoughts on “Home made Pita Breads … Sort of Fail

    1. Thank you. I’m thinking of making some more cause I have most of a container of hummus left to eat. I may try baking at 500 deg F on a preheated metal baking sheet since I don’t have a pizza stone though.

      1. I can only fit two on the baking sheet but at least I don’t have to stand for 5 min per flatbread flipping the ruddy things.

  1. All these look delicious! I also have problems with naans…. I am going to try a new recipe soon and hope it’ll be THE good one.

  2. I’ve made pita a couple time and ended up with mostly flatbread, lol! Oh, well, it was very tasty and I use it for a whole lot of things. But I still want to try again…

    1. Frying them in a cast iron pan gives you more success in terms of edible pitas, even if they don’t puff. Using the oven for making pitas is similar to making naan … fiddly getting the thickness of the breads right and making sure the oven is hot enough. I’ll try again one of these days.

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