Mixed Citrus Curd Redux and Sourdough Starter Crackers

In the last week, I’ve had some unexpected free time (no work calls) so I whipped up a batch of mixed citrus curd using my basic lemon curd recipe. You can use any kind of citrus juice to make a curd, or even something like a tart raspberry juice. I was very excited about using blood orange juice to make curd, about a year ago, cause I imagined the colour would be a vibrant reddish-brown but it ended up being more of an orange-brown. It still tasted delicious however.

For this mixed citrus curd, I used 2 tsp each of lemon, lime and orange zest and equal parts of the various citrus juices to make 1/2 cup. The result is an amazing and versatile treat. I decided to leave the zest in the curd.

I also made a batch of crackers with some leftover sourdough starter and for fun, experimented with various shapes and flavours. Clockwise from the top – round fennel seed topped, plain bars, square cayenne pepper and sesame seeds and diamond shaped cracked pepper and Grana Padano cheese crackers. I wanted to use whole wheat flour but all I had was about half a cup of fine semolina (#1) so I used that and enough all purpose flour to get a firm dough.

I used a recipe I found on line for the proportions of starter/flour and the baking times but only let my dough sit on the counter for 2 hrs (for the first 2 trays) and 3 hrs (for the last tray) as I didn’t really want it to get more sour.

After baking

CONCLUSION: I enjoyed the crackers but they’re not something I’d make regularly. Too much time and effort for something I can buy fairly cheaply … even though my crackers had no artificial ingredients or preservatives. Use whole wheat flour for more texture and a deeper colour if you have it handy.


13 thoughts on “Mixed Citrus Curd Redux and Sourdough Starter Crackers

  1. The crackers look amazing. I came up with a cracker idea a few years ago but someone squashed it…now I see similar products being sold for $6-9 for 350 g! I don’t think you can compare your crackers to the commercially made cheap ones, your crackers are far superior!

    1. I’m cheap enough not to want to throw away sourdough starter so combining it with some flour (use something interesting not just regular AP) and making crackers sounds like a fun way to use it up. 🙂

      So many herb/seed flavouring variations possible.

  2. I’ve always wanted to give making crackers a go – but as you say they always look quite time consuming! You have done a lovely job!

    1. It’s the rolling and cutting that takes time. I’ve seen recipes where people make large (4 inches wide, 8 inches long) flatbreads which you bake and then break into shards to serve.

      So far, I’ve made 3 different kinds/recipes of crackers. One piped (the cheese straws/bars) and two rolled out ones. It’s fun so give it a try at least once. 🙂

    1. I’ve given up making flour tortillas, naan and other flatbreads.

      Even pastas unless I’m really inspired to try something new (I still need to buy a beet for a red pasta) … I just buy the dried stuff. Or frozen pierogy instead of making my own.

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