My Sad Little Herbs

I started some Italian basil from seeds back in April, in egg cartons. They were transplanted into pots after they grew their first set of true leaves. The picture was taken 06/01.

ETA: 06/14 What the 3 pots above look like today.

In May, I seeded some Mammoth (top tray) and Thai (bottom tray) basil. But, between the temperature variations and my forgetful nature, I lost a LOT of the seedlings that you see below cause I didn’t thin them. I may have forgot to water them a few times during the REALLY hot weather after I put them outside too.

I even bought some small herb pots at the city market. And planted THEM in a timely fashion. Whether I end up with anything useful for my cooking is anyone’s guess.

Sage, 2 rosemary and a fragile thyme plant

Mint that overwintered in the pot (you need a flamethrower to kill these suckers) and an oregano plant


4 thoughts on “My Sad Little Herbs

      1. Herbs and I don’t do well. I always forget to water my basil. My Mum has Vietnamese mint going crazy so I want to give that another go after my last failed attempt. It is lovely in stir-fries.

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