Dim sum (March break)

Before March break, I treated myself to a belated birthday meal of dim sum. All my usual favourites and a couple of my nephew’s as he’s been away at school so our regular get-togethers have been eliminated. My nephew usually orders the steamed sweet filled buns but I gave them a pass. I think I only had 9 dishes instead of my usual 10-12 as there are no steamed or baked bbq’d pork buns pictured, for example.

Stuffed green peppers with a black bean sauce. I usually order a plate … it’s my ‘healthy’ green dish.

Taro and mixed meat dumpling … it looks like a fuzzy football when the taro fries up. My nephew loves the bacon wrapped shrimp with mayo dipping sauce. We have to order two plates when we go together, cause he doesn’t like to share. Sometimes, he takes a plate home for his mom.

Beef short ribs and bean curd wrapped steamed rolls

Steamed shrimp rice noodles and garlic squid. Another type of roll in the back but fried. A close-up of the squid … I usually gobble it up piping hot and have been known, on rare occasions, to share but usually it’s all for me.

Steamed sticky rice packages and the fried rolls mentioned earlier.


8 thoughts on “Dim sum (March break)

    1. Thank you. My outing was only a month late as my b’day is back in February but I just wasn’t in the mood to celebrate at the time. 🙂

  1. Yum! Happy belated birthday. I love dim sum and especially the steamed rice noodles. My other favourite is the taro cake. I am not very good at sharing that though!

  2. I haven’t had dim sum for ages! My favourite are huge steamed pork buns, but I like everything else too. Thank you for sharing your delicious restaurant experience with us.

    1. I like the baked version of those buns too but I can make the baked ones now so I gave it a pass. Plus, I didn’t want to wait for them to bring out that particular item and grabbed everything else I saw first. 🙂

  3. Happy belated birthday!!! I love a great dim sum and yours looks completely different from the one I frequent. I’d love to try your place. Looks fabulous!

    1. Thank you for the b’day wish. February is a sucky time for a b’day especially the week before Valentine’s Day. Takes me a while to get in the mood to celebrate. 🙂

      The dim sum place I frequent (my #2 choice since #1 closed after >25 yrs) has a lot of great dishes but they’ve cut back on the varieties in the past 5 yrs or so. The weekends are the time to go for the special items.

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