Japanese Trio

I’ve had a sushi craving for a while now, but the budget doesn’t allow for an outing as I’m saving up for b’day dim sum next weekend. So, I dug into my freezer (duh!) for a couple of ingredients.

No recipes cause they’re all things I’ve posted YEARS ago, so you’ll have to go looking. (I’ll try to add links back to the recipes.)

I started with a savoury pancake, okonomiyaki, which features shredded cabbage (I used a bagged coleslaw mix as a time-saver) and sliced surimi aka fake crab ‘legs’. Instead of the sauce from the recipe, you can use bbq, tonkatsu or eel sauce, as I did.

Following up with inari sushi, which are seasoned fried tofu pockets filled, traditionally with sushi rice. I topped them with spicy fake crab legs and egg salad. I was tempted to make a third topping of tuna salad but I’d made too much of the other two toppings for the leftover inari from the can which I’d frozen away. For an interesting and tasty variation, you can fill your tofu pockets with somen noodle salad.

The spicy crab was garnished with masago (capelin roe) and the egg salad with shichimi togarashi (chili pepper condiment).The inari was served with the last of my sake. The bottle is pretty too. 🙂

And since I had a couple of cups of leftover cooked sushi rice, I decided to make a donburi or rice bowl. For a topping, I used one of the larger chicken cutlets/katsu made previously and an egg poached in the simmering sauce. I only used 1 cup of the rice so I think I’ll freeze away the rest. The only recipe you need is for the simmering sauce as the topping choices for the rice bowl are very flexible.

The egg stuck to the bottom of the pan while poaching so I lost a lot of the yolk to the simmering sauce. Oh well. What was there was still somewhat runny, the way I like it.


8 thoughts on “Japanese Trio

  1. The way you feel about olives is probably the way I feel about Japanese food. 😀 I do have to say that my husband loves it and would certainly be impressed by your meal.

    1. At least it’s not as bad as my repugnance for raw tomatoes. To my credit, I’ve tried them both. I actually ate an olive and didn’t feel the urge to gag unlike with the tomatoes. 🙂

      Have you tried a lot of Japanese dishes? Korokke is fairly innocuous, just chicken and potato croquettes. I should really make them again.


      1. You are so funny, I had no idea about your repugnance for raw tomatoes…here I thought I knew a lot about your tastes in food. I visited Japan for a week and lost so much weight that my skirts nearly slide down. The one meal I thought I would like was served, then a raw egg was cracked over it before I could say anything. 😀

      2. The raw egg thing I’m not crazy about.

        Yes, raw tomatoes make me gag. I don’t even like the look of them when I cut them open. My parents used to love raw tomato salads etc and just used to shake their heads over the kid who didn’t like almost ANY veggies … potatoes, corn and peas were about it for years.

  2. Everything looks fantastic, but I love especially your creative inaru zushi fillings! I never buy them in Japan because they only contain rice and are always really sweet…

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